As we are epicureans and passionate about wine, we came up with the idea of investing in vineyards in Argentina during a dinner with friends in 2006. We have always been convinced that a wine originality is made thanks to its authenticity. We then decided to go even further as we were curious about the winemaking process. We became winemakers by planting our vines at the base of the Andes Mountains. After several years, we were ready to harvest the hard work of this incredible adventure. Over&Above was born with the ambition of selling our Argentine wines in Quebec.

Eager to go further to make the amateurs and the most experienced ones benefit from it, we will also integrate our favorite wine discoveries. As hedonism and pleasure are our key words, we will be pleased to represent any winemaker who recognizes itself in this spirit.

The name Over&Above mostly reflects our way of life. Going the extra mile to make the difference between an ordinary moment an unforgettable experience.

Our wines

Thanks to Over&Above we have the opportunity to make you discover wines that reflect ourselves: simple, human but also audacious.

Our catalog lists bottles from small and medium-sized wineries. We buy our products directly to the producers in order to guarantee you the best service and quality. Thanks to this approach, Over&Above will lead you to discover wines that are unique in Quebec, while promoting international culture.